A Story of The Volcano

The long finish and lingering taste of our chocolate is thanks to our 'firetree', or cacao tree, which thrives on the uniquely rich, porous soils of remote volcanic islands. Firetree’s rare and superior cocoa beans yield a distinct depth and complexity that give each chocolate a distinct taste profile.

Hispaniola Dominican Republic 72%
Vanuatu Malekula Island 100%
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Oat Milk

Our Volcanic Taste Notes


Red fruit


Soft Grapefruit



Wild Mushroom





White grape

Soft lemon


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Journey with us through the tropical climates of our South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Hispaniola cocoa origins where rich volcanic soil creates a terroir that is unsurpassed in the chocolate kingdom. For bean-to-bar craft chocolate aficionados, or those simply seeking a more satisfying, complex taste experience, there's a world of flavour to discover.

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Firetree Hot Chocolate

Firetree's award-winning, rich volcanic chocolate in molten form. Each yields the same complex taste profiles as our chocolate bars with cocoa beans from remote volcanic islands. From milk and dark chocolate to 100% cocoa and a plant-based milk chocolate alternative, there's a world of flavour to discover and melt into.

Enter the realm of luxury chocolate decadence

Immerse yourself in the world of premium chocolate, where each velvety bite offers a delightful blend of flavors and artistry. Created with care and using only the finest ingredients sourced from tropical volcanic islands, our high end chocolate goes beyond the ordinary taking you on a journey of exceptional taste and luxury.

Every piece is a masterpiece, carefully handcrafted by chocolatiers who combine traditional methods, with innovative techniques to produce culinary delights that excite the senses. Whether you crave the richness of dark chocolate the silky smoothness of milk chocolate or the harmonious fusion of unique flavors our selection guarantees to enchant even the most discerning palate.

Questions We're often asked about luxury chocolate

Luxurious chocolate refers to high-quality chocolate that is made from premium-grade cocoa beans, often sourced from specific regions known for their superior cocoa. Firetree sources its cocoa from various lusciously green volcanic islands including Madagascar and the Philippines which is what makes our high-quality chocolate ‘volcanic’. 

Luxurious chocolates often have a high cocoa content, which contributes to a richer flavour profile. Cocoa content is usually indicated on chocolate packaging as a percentage, with higher percentages indicating a more intense cocoa flavour.

Firetree’s luxurious premium chocolate is created to be savoured, allowing the unique taste profile of each cocoa origin to develop on the tongue.

Firetree’s Luxury chocolate differs from regular chocolate in several key aspects that contribute to its higher quality, premium taste, and overall luxurious experience:

Our luxury chocolates made in the UK use high-quality cocoa beans sourced from volcanic islands which are known for their superior flavour profiles. These beans are meticulously selected and processed to preserve their natural richness and complexity.

The production of luxury and premium chocolate involves precise and careful techniques, including expert roasting, grinding, and conching (a process that refines and smooths the chocolate). These techniques help develop the chocolate's flavour profile and ensure a velvety texture.

Firetree offers a multitude of premium luxury chocolates that use some of the world’s rarest cocoa beans from remote volcanic islands in the South Seas, Indian Ocean & The Caribbean. 

Our chocolate ranges from 40% milk chocolate right up to 100% cocoa. One of our most innovative taste experiences is the 50% dark milk chocolate made with cocoa sourced from the depths of the Philippines. The farmers bring their years of expertise in harvesting and fermenting, resulting in this exquisite dark milk chocolate.

As well as our signature, single-origin chocolates, we also use coffee to create our cappuccino and espresso chocolates. And whilst Firetree is particularly known for its chocolate bars, we also make a range of thins, truffles and hot chocolate. We have a wide selection that is suitable for vegans, for Kosher and Halal needs and for those on a low or no-sugar diet.

Firetree also presents many of its products in giftable packaging and creates hampers and gift boxes that are perfect for gifting on any special occasion.

Storing luxury premium chocolate properly helps maintain its quality, flavour, and texture over time. Here are some tips on how to store high-quality chocolate effectively:

Store your Firetree luxury chocolate in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Excessive heat can cause the chocolate to melt or lose its shape, while sunlight can lead to discolouration and affect the flavour.

There are 14 major allergens as defined by the “food information” regulations 1169/2011; Cereals containing gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soya, Milk, Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Sulphur dioxide & Sulphites, Lupin, Molluscs.

Firetree Luxury Milk Chocolate contains dairy and all of our products are made on equipment that also handles dairy and nuts, so we advise you to check the Ingredient & Nutritional Values tab on every product before purchase.  

In food technology, Lecithin is described as an emulsifier. It is a generic term used to describe a substance that is amphiphilic and assists in the stabilisation of two mediums that are normally immiscible. 

What this means is it allows different ingredients to mix together that wouldn’t normally mix. The most common example is oil and water (e.g., to make margarine or mayonnaise). When making chocolate, it helps the ingredients mix together and stay in place. This makes the liquid luxury chocolate flow better during the manufacturing process.

Firetree Premium Chocolate uses only sunflower lecithin as it is both allergen-free and GMO-free.

Our main ingredient is cocoa solids and cocoa butter. We source all of our cocoa from  remote volcanic islands in the South Seas, Indian Ocean & The Caribbean. We add unrefined cane sugar in different quantities depending on each cocoa's desired sweetness and the inherent taste notes. For our premium milk chocolates, we add milk powder to give the desired milkiness.

Check the ingredients list on the Ingredient & Nutritional Values tab on every product for an extensive list of ingredients that includes cocoa mass, cocoa butter, unrefined sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

Our luxury chocolates can be bought as a hamper to gift to your loved ones. Our luxury chocolate hamper includes an attractive wicker basket and Firetree branded ribbon to really make your loved ones feel special. 

We also have a Chocolate and Champagne hamper for celebrating milestones and key achievements. 

Premium Chocolate hampers make excellent birthday gifts. Firetree can include a variety of chocolates such as milk and dark chocolate bars, along with chocolate truffles, hot chocolate and chocolate thins.

Yes. Most of our chocolates are suitable for vegans including all of our dark chocolate bars, and the dark hot chocolates and chocolate thins. Firetree also has an oat-based alternative to milk chocolate in its bars and hot chocolate range. The products unsuitable for vegans include milk chocolate bars and truffles.

The good news is that the ingredients in all of our current products are not changing, so they will remain vegan, vegetarian, nut-free and dairy-free where stated. However, Firetree makes all of its chocolate on equipment that also processes milk and nuts.

The nutrition information is included on the page for each product and on the product packaging itself.

All of our luxury chocolate is manufactured on equipment that also processes milk and nuts.

Firetree Premium Chocolate may contain dairy or nuts, so we advise you to check the Ingredient & Nutritional Values tab before purchase.