Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

Our award-winning collection of single-estate chocolate bars uses some of the world’s rarest cocoa beans from remote volcanic islands in the South Seas, Indian Ocean & The Caribbean. The rich, fertile soils found on these islands impart powerful and unique flavour notes that are just waiting to be discovered. From cherry, soft lemon and white grape to mushroom, toasted walnut, and truffle.

Hispaniola Dominican Republic 72%
Vanuatu Malekula Island 100%
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Oat Milk
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 82%
Philippines, Mindanao Island 50% Dark Milk
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 40% Milk
Madagascar Sambirano Valley 84%
Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%
Philippines Mindanao Island 73%
Solomon Islands Guadalcanal 100%
Solomon Islands, Makira Island 75%
Vanuatu Malekula Island 72%
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal Cappuccino
Papua New Guinea, Espresso
Solomon Islands, Cappuccino
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A Luxurious Journey in Chocolate Bar Craftsmanship

Embark on a taste exploration with Firetree’s bean-to-bar luxury chocolate bars, where every bite is not just a treat but a journey through our unique and remote volcanic island terroirs. Harvested from the islands of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, we select cocoa beans that thrive in nutrient-rich volcanic soils resulting in an unparalleled depth of flavour and a melody of taste notes.

From the growing of the cocoa bean, to the whole-bean roasting, winnowing, conching and tempering, Firetree’s artisan expertise together with the skill and knowledge of the farmer is as much an art as it is a science. Elegantly presented, Firetree’s single-estate chocolate bars honour the craftsmanship and intriguing stories behind our origins. Immerse yourself in the essence of Firetree’s artisanal luxury chocolate, where each bar unfolds a tale of exploration and sensory experience.

Questions We're often asked about luxury chocolate bars

Firetree’s exceptional chocolate bars distinguish themselves from others in a number of ways:

Sourced from Single Estate Farms and Volcanic Soil: Firetree procures its cocoa beans directly from the farmer to whom we pay a price well above market rate to ensure their farming sustainability. Those farmers farm on specific islands in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean, where the rich and fertile volcanic soils impart distinct and complex taste notes. This emphasis on terroir mirrors the approach taken in wine and coffee making creating a unique taste profile for each of our premium chocolate bars.

Quality Ingredients: Firetree’s expertly crafted chocolate bars are made using fine and rare cocoa beans blended with cocoa butter and unrefined cane sugar. A low and slow roasting of the cocoa beans together with expert conching allows the distinct taste profile of each cocoa origin to emerge in the making process resulting in a range of taste experiences without relying on additives or flavourings.

From Bean-to-Bar Process: Firetree manages every step of the luxury chocolate-making process from sourcing the cocoa beans directly from the farmer and working with them to manage fermentation and drying to our specifications, to whole-roasting and winnowing the beans and conching and tempering the chocolate. 

Rare Cocoa Varieties: Many of the single-estate farms that Firetree deals with are on remote islands that account for just a fraction of the world’s cocoa production. Their remoteness and difficulty to reach mean they are not commonly found in mass produced luxury chocolates in the UK. But it is these precise qualities that make them so desirable for our quality craft chocolate.

Firetree's premium chocolate bars showcase a range of flavour profiles and taste notes that come purely from the cocoa beans themselves. Here are some of our most popular bean-to-bar chocolates:

Solomon Islands Guadalcanal 100%: With notes of date, this bar delivers a deep and rich cocoa experience without any added sugar. We whole roast our cocoa beans low and slow to ensure there’s no bitterness in this 100% cocoa.

Philippines Mindanao 73%: Our Mindanao Island cocoa beans have a distinctive flavour profile with notes of citrus, caramel and honey. This is our only single-estate cocoa to come from north of the equator.

Vanuatu Malekula 72%: The volcanic soil of the small and sparsely populated island of Malekula produces a cocoa that’s full of cherry notes with soft lemon and white grape. It’s a must for those who love more fruity notes to their chocolate.

Madagascar Sambirano Valley 84%: Another robustly fruity chocolate, this one with lively raspberry and red fruit overtones. The volcanic terroir here not only nourishes the cocoa but also the fast-growing hardwoods that provide shade for the cocoa trees. 

Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%: The cocoa from Karkar, more a volcano rising straight from the sea than an island, is full of deep taste notes of blackberry, baked raspberry and treacle.

Indeed Firetree's premium chocolate bars are perfect for special occasions, events and gift giving. These luxurious treats are meticulously crafted from cocoa beans sourced from remote volcanic islands adding a touch of uniqueness and exoticism to our collection.

The packaging is beautifully presented, making these chocolate bars not a taste sensation but also an attractive present. Customers have expressed that Firetree's artisanal chocolate bars are their choice for treats and gifts thanks to our outstanding quality and the delightful experience they offer.

As well as our chocolate bars, we also offer a range of gift boxes featuring our luxury chocolate bars, chocolate thins, truffles and hot chocolate. These hampers and gift boxes cater to craft and luxury chocolate enthusiasts showcasing flavour profiles from far-flung corners of the globe, making them a considerate and opulent gift for any celebratory occasion.

To maintain the condition and quality of Firetree’s luxury chocolate bars, proper storage is essential. Here are some important tips for storing chocolate:

1. Keep it cool and dry: The best temperature range for preserving luxury chocolate is between 15°C to 20°C with humidity levels below 55%. Avoid refrigerating the chocolate unless necessary as it may lead to "bloom" where the moisture causes sugar or fat to rise to the surface giving the chocolate a mottled, milky appearance.

2. Odour free environment: Fine chocolate easily absorbs odours, so it's crucial to store it in sealed containers if not in our packaging. Keep it away from high-odour foods or ingredients.

3. Minimise light exposure: Store your luxury milk chocolate bars away from direct sunlight and other light sources as light exposure can degrade the quality over time.

Absolutely. Firetree offers a variety of chocolate options tailored to different dietary preferences:

Vegan: All of our dark chocolate bars, dark chocolate thins, dark hot chocolates and our Easy Melt dark chocolate for baking are suitable for vegans. So too are all of our 100% cocoa products.

Kosher and Halal: The majority of our products are Kosher and/or Halal certified. Details can be found in the description for each product.

Gluten Free: All our products are naturally free of gluten.

Allergens: It's important to note that our chocolates are manufactured on equipment that handles nuts and dairy which might not be suitable for individuals with specific allergies.

For ingredient and dietary information please refer to the "Ingredients & Nutritional Values" section on each product page well as the details provided on the packaging.