Luxury Milk Chocolate

Luxury Milk Chocolate

Creamy, mellow and deliciously complex, our milk chocolate is the perfect introduction to the layered taste notes of our craft, bean-to-bar chocolate. We select those volcanic island single-estate origins that best lend themselves to a milk chocolate, complementing the creaminess for a pleasing finish on the palate.

Philippines, Mindanao Island 50% Dark Milk
Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 40% Milk
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Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 40% Chocolate Thins

Firetree's Single-Origin Milk Chocolate

With a touch of creamy sweetness, our milk chocolate is crafted to create a moment of lingering luxury that develops and reveals itself on the palate. Rich, creamy and beautifully complex, this is exactly as single-origin luxury milk chocolate should be.

Lovers of luxury chocolate and connoisseurs of craft will appreciate Firetree’s milk chocolate made with the same skill and passion for releasing the cocoa’s natural taste notes as we dedicate to our dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is the perfect gateway to discovering Firetree’s bean-to-bar chocolate for those not used to darker varieties. Selecting the perfect cocoa bean, grown on remote volcanic islands, to blend with the creaminess of the milk, is a skill as much as an art. 

Questions We're often asked about luxury milk chocolate

Firetree’s 40% cocoa milk chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. They make the perfect choice as their gentle cocoa flavour with soft citrus top notes and caramel undertones lend themselves to the addition of milk to create a lingering finish.

For the more adventurous, our 50% dark milk chocolate features cocoa beans from Mindanao Island in the Philippines. They have a deeply complex flavour profile that rings with citrus top notes over a layer of honey and rich cocoa tones. 

Highly-acclaimed, our milk chocolates exemplify Firetree’s dedication to creating craft chocolate using unique and rare cocoa sourced directly from the farmers around the remote volcanic islands of the South Pacific. It’s this nose for the perfect cocoa bean, together with the farmer’s husbandry and our expert craftsmanship, that delivers a moment of indulgence for connoisseurs of luxury milk chocolate.

For those seeking a vegan, plant-based alternative to our milk chocolate, we have a range of oat milk chocolates made with gluten-free oats. 

Milk chocolate, like all treats, should always be consumed in moderation especially as it contains more sugar and dairy ingredients than dark chocolate.  

Antioxidants: cocoa contains antioxidants, specifically flavanols, that help protect your body from cell damage. The higher the cocoa content, the more of these antioxidants and flavanols there are in the chocolate, so we recommend choosing a milk chocolate that is higher in cocoa. Many commercial milk chocolates contain only 25% cocoa compared with Firetree’s 40% and 50% cocoa milk chocolates.

Firetree premium milk chocolate differs from cheaper, commercial alternatives in terms of ingredients, flavour and texture.

Ingredients: Many well-known milk chocolate brands contain only 25% cocoa. Firetree milk chocolate contains 40% cocoa and our dark milk contains 50% cocoa. It’s not just the percentage cocoa content that matters, it’s where the cocoa is sourced from that makes a significant difference to both the quality and sustainability of our milk chocolate. 

We source all our cocoa directly from the farmer. The cocoa beans are nurtured by the rich volcanic soils of our remote island, single-estate farms. Together with sustainably produced, unrefined cane sugar that’s processed at source to lock in the natural molasses and the powder from British milk, the ingredients are expertly conched and tempered to produce a creamy, luxury milk chocolate.   

Taste: Luxury milk chocolate is known to be sweeter, creamier and milder than dark chocolate due to its lower cocoa content and the added milk and sugar. Nevertheless, you can still experience Firetree’s signature complex and layered taste experience in our milk chocolate thanks to the careful selection of cocoa beans that best complement the milk and sugar. Expect taste notes of creamy cocoa, top notes of soft citrus and undertones of caramel and honey.

Texture: A good milk chocolate should linger on the palate, creating a creamy and indulgent mouth feel. You won’t get the same ‘snap’ of the chocolate as you do with dark chocolate.

Our signature Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal milk chocolate contains 40% cocoa. It’s the perfect way to experience craft, bean-to-bar chocolate for the first time, especially for those who already love milk chocolate. The cocoa beans from Guadalcanal have a mellow, rounded flavour so you can expect a creamy cocoa taste with top notes of soft citrus and a caramel undertone.

Not content with just one milk chocolate, Firetree has also created its unique Philippines, Mindanao Island dark milk chocolate with 50% cocoa. It serves as the perfect stepping stone from milk to dark chocolate. With a more robust flavour profile, the Mindanao Island cocoa beans offer a deep cocoa finish, still with the same soft citrus top notes and with a honey undertone.

Fruits: Luxury milk chocolate pairs wonderfully with fruits like bananas, strawberries, raspberries and dried fruits such as apricots or dates. The natural sweetness and tartness of the fruit can enhance the chocolate flavour.

Nuts: Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts provide a texture and nutty taste that complements the smoothness of milk chocolate. This combination is popular in chocolate bars and desserts.

Cheeses: Surprisingly cheese can go well with chocolate. Soft and creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert can be a match for milk chocolate creating an indulgent experience.

Coffee and Teas: The bold flavours of coffee or the delicate notes of green teas can nicely balance out the sweetness of milk chocolate resulting in a harmonious taste experience.

Premium milk chocolate is perfect for dipping because of its consistency and lower melting point when compared to dark chocolate. Its velvety texture when melted makes it a great choice for a chocolate fondue. Here are some of the more popular ways people choose to dip with melted milk chocolate:

Fruits: Gourmet milk chocolate is an option for dipping fruits like strawberries, bananas, apples and pears. The blend of creamy chocolate with the flavours of the fruit is a popular choice for chocolate fondues and perfect when looking for something a little different to serve at a dinner party, family gathering or special event.

Marshmallows and Cookies: Dipping marshmallows or cookies into melted luxury milk chocolate can transform them from a mere snack into a dessert.

Pretzels and Salty Snacks: Indulgent milk chocolate covered pretzels provide a delightful mix of sweetness and saltiness. Likewise the sweet and salty combination created by dipping salted nuts or popcorn into milk chocolate is similarly morish and one for the more adventurous to try.