Create With Firetree

Create With Firetree

Firetree Chocolate are pleased to announce the launch of their Create with Firetree range. These 2 kg resealable pouches are as perfect for professional chefs, pâtissiers and chocolate makers, as they are for home cooks who demand the best ingredients in their kitchens.

Our Create with Firetree range contains Easy Melt pieces of our rich volcanic chocolate, making it perfect for recipe use, all without compromising the unique flavour profiles that are synonymous with Firetree.

Available in three varieties:

Create with Firetree Easy Melt Vanuatu, Malekula Island 72%, 2kg

Taste notes of cherry, soft lemon and white grape.

Create with Firetree Easy Melt Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 69%, 2kg

Taste notes of red fruits, citrus and plum, with enduring cocoa undertones.

Create with Firetree Easy Melt Philippines, Mindanao Island, 73%, 2kg

Taste notes of citrus, honey and caramel, yielding a gentle yet rich taste.


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