Discover Firetree’s Milk Chocolate Collection

Discover Firetree’s Milk Chocolate Collection

"The depth of joy is hard to translate into words."
~ Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian's Chocolate Correspondent ~

If you like our award-winning, bean-to-bar dark chocolate, you know that our two NEW milk chocolate bars – as well as our plant-based alternative to milk chocolate - will be among the best you will ever experience.

And don't just take our word for it; Annalisa Barbieri - Chocolate Correspondent from The Guardian - is also a fan, wondering 'what took us so long'?

This is simply due to our master Chocolate Maker wanting to perfect the recipes... selecting the perfect single-estate cocoa beans and adding just the right amount of creamy milk to compliment the inherent flavour notes in the beans.
And after the Firetree team tasted through the Chocolate Maker's creations - we love our jobs, believe us - it's time for you to discover our two new milk chocolate bars...

 Firetree's Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 40% cocoa milk chocolate bar

~ Taste Notes: Creamy Cocoa • Soft Citrus • Caramel ~

 Here’s what our Chocolate Maker had to say about Firetree’s first ever milk chocolate bar:

“The 40% milk chocolate was made using the same beans that make up our best-selling Solomon Islands 100% cocoa bar. I wanted a cocoa bean that would complement the rich, creamy milk flavour, hence the Solomon Islands, with notes of cocoa and date, combined perfectly to create the opulent caramel notes in this volcanic milk chocolate creation.

 "This is the perfect ‘gateway’ bar for those new to craft chocolate."
~ Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian's Chocolate Correspondent ~


 Firetree's Philippines, Mindanao Island 50% cocoa Dark Milk Chocolate Bar

~ Taste Notes: Chocolate Brownie • Citrus • Rich Honey ~

Here’s what our Chocolate Maker had to say about Firetree’s dark milk chocolate bar:

“The 50% dark milk needed a slightly milder but ‘cocoa complex’ bean. We all know that the Philippines cocoa beans work well as a 73% cocoa bar, but we also know that the apparent mildness is not overwhelmed when in a different medium such as ganache and brownies as part of our Create with Firetree cooking chocolate collection. When made into this 50% cocoa dark milk chocolate bar, the Philippines beans add a sublime top level of cocoa notes without drowning the creamy milk flavour from the whole milk powder. I think this is the perfect balance of a real dark milk chocolate.”

"If you like dark milks... this may be your new favourite bar."
~ Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian's Chocolate Correspondent ~


To read Annalisa's article about our Milk Bars, click here.  

 Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal Oat Milk Plant-based alternative to milk chocolate


It’s time to discover our Oat bar. Our Chocolate Maker says, “Crafted from gluten-free oats, which provide the smooth, buttery richness of toasted oats that meld seamlessly with our Solomon Islands Single-Estate chocolate, Firetree's Oat Bar is perfect for fans of plant-based milk chocolate who still want to enjoy the taste sensation that only volcanic chocolate can bring to proceedings.”

“Nothing, in my opinion, comes close to this luxurious, creamy and smooth bar by Firetree. If you are looking for a vegan milk bar, or an alternative to the bland dairy bars out there, then feast on this. It’s the best of the best and worth every penny!”
~ Chloe ~

"This is the first dairy-free bar I have ever tried where I savour and enjoy every mouthful - no rushing the experience. I for one am never going back… Well done Firetree."
~ Hugo ~



Did you know…?

Many premium milk chocolates also use vanilla, as this smooths out any slightly rough flavours in the cocoa beans and tidies up all the potential discordant flavour notes in the aftertaste. So why do Firetree not use vanilla? Quite simply, it’s because our cocoa is superior and does not need vanilla to mask any imperfections.

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