Firetree’s Private and Corporate Chocolate Tasting Events

Firetree’s Private and Corporate Chocolate Tasting Events

Firetree offer Private and Corporate Chocolate Tasting Events, via Zoom, for groups of up to 300. The events themselves are a great alternative to normal social get togethers, mood boosters for remote teams, and for team building and engagement in the virtual world we all now work in.

Our aim is for a fun, informative session, learning about super-premium, award winning chocolate, and most importantly, tasting some together. Our private sessions can be as formal, or informal as you choose.

Here is some more information about your event:

  • They are hosted, via Zoom by Martyn, our Chocolate Maker and managed by another Firetree team member.
  • Martyn presents from our bean warehouse – he often sits on a sack of our cocoa beans – unfortunately, you can’t smell the incredible aromas!
  • The session is one hour, but we can sometimes run over if there is interest in asking questions (via chat or verbally on Zoom if the team is small). We can equally keep to a strict hour. Whatever is required.
  • We send a full Gift Box of all seven of our single estate chocolate bars with tasting sheets – but only taste three or four during the tasting session. The Gift Boxes can be sent centrally, or direct to individual home addresses.
  • We show short video clips of our factory, and images from our private archives of our farmers and their cocoa farms and how cocoa is grown, harvested, fermented, and dried.
  • We show how to taste chocolate alongside an expert, whilst they sit back and embark on a virtual journey around the exotic volcanic islands from where we buy our cocoa beans.
  • Our aim is to provide a fun and informative look at what makes true bean to bar chocolate and how it is made. Martyn is a great storyteller of his extensive bean-sourcing travels, but incredibly knowledgeable about the global market too – and of course how to enjoy some of the world’s rarest cocoa beans found in our award-winning range of chocolate.
  • The cost is £25.00 per head (with free shipping to UK mainland). We ask for a minimum of £1,000/40 attendees spend for a private tasting. We can cater for up to 300 attendees in total. Each Tasting Box Gift Box will cater for 2 people and have extra bars for attendees to enjoy in their own time.
So let the Firetree Team your chocolate and organise and run a unique session for you while you and your audience sit back, relax and eat exceptional, award-winning chocolate.

    Please email or call 07769331195 for further information on any event you may be planning.

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