Firetree's 100% cocoa no added sugar bars and collection

The lowdown on Firetree's no-added-sugar bars

WHO would have thought that no-added-sugar chocolate can taste so good?

We’re renowned for our 100% cocoa bars – with some critics saying our Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 100% cocoa bar is the only 100% cocoa bar they’ll eat:

 “I hate 100% cocoa, unless it’s from Firetree.”
~ Annalisa Barbieri, The Observer’s Chocolate Correspondent ~


WHAT makes them so special?

Firetree’s collection is made up of thirteen delightfully rich bars, and each Firetree chocolate bar has a unique flavour note profile and journey, with the 100% cocoa bars being no exception.

The long and slow whole-bean roasting process which Firetree uses to make the chocolate, eliminates any bitterness and brings out the best, pure cocoa flavour. Quite simply, our two 100% bars melt in the mouth like the rest of our chocolate collection, with a delightfully smooth and creamy texture. They are both Firetree best-sellers for a reason.


HOW do Firetree create such great 100% cocoa bars?

Firetree’s expert Chocolate Maker carefully whole-bean roasts, grinds and conches the cocoa mixture to bring out the inherent, natural flavour notes from the volcanic cocoa beans. By treating these superior, single-estate cocoa beans in the same way as our other Firetree bars, the quality of the beans twinned with the expertise of the cocoa farmers and Chocolate Maker speak for themselves.

 “We’ve gone to great lengths to create 100% cocoa bars that satisfy both our health conscious and chocoholic consumers. When customers eat premium 100% cocoa, they consume less than they would a mass market product with sugar. A person could finish a mass market bar in a single sitting, but they are unlikely to do so with a super-premium dark chocolate because it tastes so much richer, therefore you are satisfied with less. Who’d have thought dairy free 100% cocoa bars could be so smooth and creamy? Firetree is exactly that!”
~ David Zulman, Co-Founder and Managing Director ~


TIME to experience Firetree’s super smooth 100% cocoa creations…

Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal 100% cocoa bar

With chocolate critics saying this is the only 100% cocoa bar they will consider eating, our 100% cocoa bar from the volcanic island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands will transport you sunnier clims, no matter what the weather does.
 The unique and complex flavours of rich cocoa and date inherent in this 'chocolate' bar is teased out during the long, slow process of whole bean roasting to surprise and delight the most refined chocolate palates. This bar is the ideal starting point for anyone wishing to add the joy of chocolate into their life, minus the added sugar. 

 “The best 100% dark chocolate I've tasted, not bitter at all and so smooth on the pallet.” 
~ Julie, Instagram ~


Vanuatu, Malekula Island 100% cocoa bar

As part of our new Innovations Collection - created to explore new and exotic chocolate experience - this limited edition 100% cocoa bar is crafted from some of the rarest cocoa beans originating from far-flung Malekula Island.

The end result is the perfect marriage of intense, rich cocoa and red fruits. The must-try next bar if you are already a fan of our 100% cocoa bar.  

“I discovered Firetree through your 100% and this one adds another great chocolate to my favourites list.”
~ E Batt, Tasting Event Attendee ~

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