Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%
Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%
Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%

Papua New Guinea Karkar Island 72%

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It is a little misleading to call Karkar an island, as it is in fact one large volcano. 60 miles across, and visible from over 50 miles away. But the rich soil you find here on the sides of the volcano is ideal for growing the finest cocoa. Waves of walnut and wild mushroom yield to taste notes of intense cocoa and truffle. (70g bar)

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Our farmers are the Goodyear and Middleton families, based on the gentle, fertile slopes of the volcano. They are both some of the main employers on the island, with farm hands having been there for generations and whole families choosing to work there due to the fair conditions.

Our cocoa comes from KarKar island, which sits off the Northeast coast of Papua New Guinea. As you arrive to KarKar Island by boat, the vista is a visually accurate representation of what you’d expect to see of a 40-mile-across volcano rising up from the sea! It’s mammoth! There is no plane service so the only way on and off the island is on the cocoa boat, which takes 6 hours and includes the weekly school commute and any hospital trips required… The boat is powered by coconut, to show how every part of one of the island’s main crop is used to aplomb. The island itself is inhabited by hundreds of different species of orchids which is a stunning sight, as are the millions of fruit bats which dine on the plethora of fruit produced - but not cocoa, thankfully. There are no monkeys on the island and instead, the tree kangaroo took over as resident of the rainforest trees of Papua New Guinea.

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, unrefined sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.
Manufactured on equipment that also processes milk and nuts.
Suitable for vegans. Kosher certified. Allergens in bold.
Per 70g bar:
Energy 395 (kcal)/1639 (kj)
Fat 29g of which saturates 17.5g
Carbohydrates 23.7g of which sugars 20.4g
Protein 6.7g
Salt 0.01g.

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Since discovering Firetree chocolate, it’s become my first choice
for an indulgent treat and for gifts. My personal favourites are the Mindanao Island and the Oat

Michaela Seligman
16 June 2022

Truly Wonderful Chocolate
with Nutrient Density & Phenomenal Flavour Notes.
One of my favourite healthy chocolatiers.

David McGough
08 June 2022

So many things to love about this chocolate – the taste, the packaging, the lovely stories about where it comes from. Have bought a couple of the gift boxes for friends and family too!

Rebekah May
09 June 2022

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